Summit Ski Club - Headline News - Article 20100411 Summit Ski Club is Number 1... Again!


Summit Ski Club is Number 1... Again!

2010 Summit MASS Team

(March 21, 2010) - For the second year running, the Summit Ski Club won the Overall Provincial Championship for the Manitoba Alpine Ski Division (M.A.S.D.)! Athletes performed extremely well at all levels of the club, each contributing to the club's overall win.

Steven Horbas - Manitoba Overall Cup - MaleSummit's Steven Horbas took the M.A.S.D. Overall Male Championship for his second year in a row. Steven's win was only finalized in the very last race of the season. A few 100ths of a second was what it took to get the win. The close competion made for an action packed season and an exciting final race!

Steven HorbasSteven, who started with the Summit Ski Club in the Nancy Greene program, trains and races as a member of the M.A.S.D. Provincial Team. Now competing in F.I.S. level competion, Steven travels to Thuderbay and the Mid-USA. Congratulations on an another outstanding season!

Kristen Masters Kristen Masters, another long-term member of the Summit Ski Club, returned with another season of excellent racing. Her efforts paid off in a Second Place position in the Overall Female Championship, her second year at that position. Oustanding skiing Kristen!

David TakarchuckSummit had many athletes on the podium throughout the season. David Takarchuck was no exception. David's consistant efforts had an a great impact on his season. Having an exceptional year, David claimed a very respectible Fourth Place in the Men's Overall competition.

Glynnis EyfordAfter juggling a heavy basketball season, Glynnis Eyford came onto the skiing scene a little late this season. That delay didn't hamper her performance though, as she consistantly made a strong showing. Her hard work and took her to a Fourth Place finish in the Overall Female M.A.S.D. competition.

Congratutulations to all Summit Ski Club athletes for an excellent season!!