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Summit Ski Club Coaches

The Summit Ski Club offers a team of qualified coaches at all levels of training. Coaches train and upgrade their coaching skills through the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance (CSIA) and the Canadian Ski Coaches Federation (CSCF). To learn more about those organizations, please visit their website.

On this page you will be introduced to our great team of coaches and learn about their qualifications and experience!

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Brian Hatherly - Head Coach

Brian Hatherly

Head Coach

Brian heads up a team of 11 coaches for the Summit Ski Club. He provides program development and guidance to the parent run board of directors. Brian has over 20 years coaching experience, and is Level 3 Coach (CSCF) and has acheived Level 3 Instructor (CSIA) and Course Facilitator (CSCF). His experience includes coaching youth and Masters, as well as providing coach updates and professional development.
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Glenn Allen - Coach

Glenn Allen


Glenn has been skiing for 50 years, has been coaching for 23 and has been a Summit Ski Club Coach since 1986! He is DL Coach Certified (CSCF) and an EL Mentor /Evaluator (CSCF). Glen has achieved Level 3 Instructor (CSIA), and Level 1 Course Conductor (CSIA). Through his many years of ski coaching, Glenn has been involved in a variety of coaching opportunities.
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Dan Blankstein - Coach

Dan Blankstein


Dan is a lifetime skier and longtime Summit Ski Club coach. He is the Chairperson for the Central Canada Committee of the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance (CSIA). Dan recently attended the PL Coach training (CSCF). He is currently DL Coach Certified (CSCF), and has acheived Level 3 Instuctor (CSIA) and Level 1 Course Conductor (CSIA).

Tom DeNardi - Coach

Tom DeNardi


Tom loves everything “skiing” and although his background first started in instructing, his passion has now become coaching and ski racing.  He was one of the first club coaches in Manitoba to successfully attain “Level 3 Certified” status and has coached all levels of athletes from the very youngest to provincial team members.  His accomplishments, passion and dedication can be attributed to the leadership and high standards of Summit Ski Club.  Tom is a former Masters racer and currently has two children enrolled in Summits program.  Tom holds the following certifications: CSCF Level 3 Certified, CSCF Entry Level Course Facilitator, CSCF Entry Level Evaluator, CSIA Level 3, CSIA Level 1 Course Conductor.  

Diane Ostrowsi - Coach

Diane Ostrowski


Diane live's to ski! She has been coaching skiing since 1984, working with all levels of children and youth. In her racing days, Diane spent five years as a member of the Manitoba Alpine Ski Team and represented Manitoba in two Canada Winter Games! She was the Manitoba Cup Overall Champion, in 1980. Diane now has two children in the Summit program, one of her girls is on the Manitoba Team. Her coaching credentials include Level 3 Instructor (CSIA) and Level 2 Coach (CSCF).

Jon Cuddy - Coach

Jon Cuddy



Leslie Dent - Coach

Leslie Dent


Leslie has been skiing since age 5. Her passion for the sport grew when she began racing with Summit at age 12. She is a CSIA Level 2 instructor and a CSCF Level 1 coach. Leslie began instructing at age 16 at Springhill Winter Sports Park and coaching at age 17 with Summit Ski Club. She has enjoyed many family vacations skiing in Canada, the United States and even Switzerland and spent the 03/04 season instructing skiing in Fernie, BC. When not teaching skiing, Leaslie is teaching children at school.  "See you on the snow!"

Kent Myska - Coach

Kent Myska


Kent started ski racing on the river bank at Osborne and Togo from ages 9 to 17. Later he competed many years in Manitoba Masters and won Silver at National Masters in Sun Peaks. He is a 25 year member of the CSIA and has been actively instructing and coaching for over 25 years. Currently, he is a Level 2 CSCF Coach and Level 2 CSIA Instructor. He enjoys coaching children, seeing them develop and getting them involved in a sport the whole family can enjoy.

Erin Black - Coach

Erin Black


Erin started skiing with her family at the age of 6.  At age she 13 joined the Summit Ski Club and later had a brief stint on the Manitoba Freestyle Ski Team.  Erin began instructing at age 16 at Springhill Winter Sports Park and has been coaching with Summit Ski Club since 2007.  She is a CSIA Level 2 instructor and a CSCF Level 1 coach.  Erin has experienced skiing in Canada from Newfoundland to BC, as well as the Mid-west U.S. and Australia.

Taylor Christianson - Coach

Taylor Christianson



Dana Hatherly - Coach

Dana Hatherly


Dana began her ski racing experiences at the age of 6 through Summit Ski Club, being taught by some of our previous and current coaches. Dana is a Manitoba Cup Ski Champion (2004- 2005 season). She grew up being a multi-sport competitor with rthymic gymnastics as a youngster, then playing indoor and outdoor soccer, as well as participating in most school sports, in addition to ski racing. Dana currently enjoys playing soccer, participating in her own fitness training. As a Level 1 CSCF Coach (Entry Level) she enjoys coaching young skiers in the Summit Ski Club program. Dana is currently studing anthropology at the U of M.