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Brian Hatherly

Head Coach

Brian Hatherly

I have been the Head Coach of Summit Ski Club since its inception. My passion for the sport of alpine skiing includes participating in coach training on an annually basis, striving for self improvement, providing leadership to other coaches in my duties as Head Coach.

My current qualifications are; BPE, BEd, Level 3 CSIA (Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance), level 3 Coach, CSCF (Canadian Ski Coaches Federation). My experience includes coaching youth, Masters, CSIA Level 1 Course Conductor, coach updates/professional development sessions, Level 1 CSCF Course Provider. I am also a Physical Education Teacher.

My Philosophy of Coaching is one that relates to each athlete in a variety of ways:

An Athlete (Learner) Centered Approach, where it is all about the learning of individual athletes.  In this approach, the athlete is involved in decisions about themselves in relation to technical and tactical information, needs/desires/input and goal setting.

Level of Challenge, where I set high expectations of our athletes in relation to their knowledge and skill of alpine ski racing during training sessions both, on and off the snow.  These high demands may involve timed events, dual racing, course setting hard-first (demanding situations) situations.

Active Healthy Lifestyle.  As skiing is an athletic event, I encourage and provide opportunities for athletes to improve their personal fitness.  I model positive Active, Healthy Lifestyle.

I promote a coaching style that is very innovative and scientific within an atmosphere of Fun and Friendship.

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