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Summit Ski Club athletes get in some early training

Training Starts Early
At Asessippi Ski Area!

(December 16, 2012) - A group of Summit athletes participated in a pre-season training session at the Asessippi Ski Are this weekend. As the hill was not open to the public, not everything was in operation.
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Tori Hislop At Rising Stars Camp - Vail

Summit's Tori Hislop
Joins Elite Group at Vail Camp!

(November 8, 2012) - Summit Ski Club's Tori Hislop (third from right) is joining some of North America's most talented young skiers, taking part in the "Rising Stars Camp" in Vail Colorado this week.
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Summit Ski Club Provincial Champs

Summit Ski Club - Provincial Champs!
4 Years in a Row!

(March 17, 2012) - The alpine ski season came to an abrupt end this weekend as temperatures soared... But the weather wasn't the only thing that was hot! The Summit Ski Club secured it's fourth Manitoba Cup Provincial Club Championship in a row at the season finals, held at the Assesspipi Ski Area and Resort.
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Coach Dan Blankstein

Summit Coach - Dan Blankstein
Coach of the Year for the 2011!

(March 17, 2012) - Summit Ski Club coach Dan Blankstein was named "Manitoba Coach of the Year" for the 2011 ski season. Dan has been coaching with the Summit Ski club since the 1980s and continues to work toward higher levels of coach and instructor certification.
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Summit Athletes Sarah Telles-Langdon and Samantha French Go Head-to-Head

Two by Two
Athletes Compete in Dual Slalom

(January 21, 2012) - Summit athletes performed well as they went head-to-head with their competition in the Manitoba Cup Pro-Style Dual Slalom, held today, at Springhill Winter Sport Park. Racers first took a time trial run, to position them in the pack.
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2012 Summit Mountain Camp Athletes

Summit Athletes Head to the Mountains

(January 11, 2012) - The Summit Mountain Camp saw 18 athletes and their families heading to Banff. The one week camp allowed athletes to train mountain terrain and snow conditions.
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2010/2011 Summit Ski Team

That makes 3 years in a row!!!

(March 20, 2011) - It's Official! The Summit Ski Team is the provincial champion once again! The provincial finals were held that the Assesippi Ski Area and Resort this weekend. And what a weekend it was!
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Timotej Oravec

Go West Young Man!
Timotej Oravec at Big White for Ski Cross Nor-Am Event!

(March 6, 2011) - It was off to Big White this week for Timotej Oravec! Racing for his home country of Slovakia in the Sport Chek Canada Ski Cross FIS SX Nor-Am event, Oravec finished with two very respectable 8th place finishes.
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Summit's Tori Hislop Is Interview by CTV

Summit's Tori Hislop
CTV Sports Star of the Week!

(March 6, 2011) - CTV was on hand at Springhill Winter Park today. They were there to interview and video Tori Hislop who was named CTV's Sports Star of the week! Along with a busy ski schedule, Tori also plays hockey and volleyball.
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Summit's Andrew Cordingley (#23) In the Start Gate with Seth Nelson from the Bottineau Club

It Was Head to Head Action
At Race #5 - Dual Slalom!

(March 6, 2011) - Summit Ski Club athletes went head to head with racers from around the province and North Dakota in Race 5 of the Manitoba Cup series, held today at Springhill Winter Park.
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Glynnis Eyford Burns Up the Course at Bottineau N.D.

Weather in Bottineau Was Cold...
Summit Racers Were Hot!

(February 26, 2011) - It was a cold weekend in Bottineau, N.D., but races 3 and 4 of the Manitoba Cup race series went on. On Saturday morning, race officials decided that for the safety of the athletes, all racers would be required to wear jackets during the morning run.
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Canada Games Logo

Summit Racers Head to Halifax for
Canada Winter Games!

(February 19, 2011) - Four athletes from the Summit Ski Club have been chosen to represent Manitoba at the Canada Winter Games in Halifax. As part of Manitoba's Alpine Ski team, they will be joined by other racers from around the province.
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Tori Hislop Takes a Gate at Race 1 Slalom Event

Summit Athletes Perform Well at
Manitoba Cup Races 1 and 2

(February 6, 2011) - Over 100 racers from Manitoba, Saskatchewan and North Dakota converged on the Asessippi Ski Area this weekend for Race 1 and 2 of the Manitoba Cup Alpine Race Series. A number of Summit athletes made their way to the podium with excellent performances.
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Timotej Oravec Shows Some Style at Prairie Ski Cross

Summit Ski Club Flying High at 2011 Prairie Ski Cross

(January 16, 2011) - Summit Ski Club atheletes participated in the 2011 Prairie Ski Cross races at Asessippi Ski Area & Resort this weekend. Congratulations to all atheletes for an excellent showing at this "first ever" event. This race was the first stop on the cross Canada, Sport Chek Canada Ski Cross Tour.
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Tori Hislop

Hislop Makes History at Whistler!

(April 11, 2010) - Summit's Tori Hislop made history by taking 14th place in the 2010 Whistler Cup K1 Kombi Race. This is the best ever performance of a Manitoba racer in this prestegious competition. Tori not only represented Manitoba in the event, but was also selected as a member of Team Canada.
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2010 Summit MASS Team

Summit Ski Club is Number 1... Again!

(March 21, 2010) - For the second year running, the Summit Ski Club won the Overall Provincial Championship for the Manitoba Alpine Ski Division (M.A.S.D.)! Athletes performed extremely well at all levels of the club, each contributing to the club's overall win.
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Brendan Cordingley

Cordingley Returns to Racing - After Two Year "Break"

(February 7, 2010) - Brendan Cordingley returned to ski racing this weekend after a two year recovery from a broken leg. Cordingley was one of over 120 athletes from Manitoba and Saskatchewan that gathered at the Asessippi Ski Area this weekend.
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Maclean Hatherly Uses 'The Force'

Hatherly Demonstrates "Using The Force" During GS Training!

(January 17, 2010) - Maclean Hatherly was one of seven Summit Ski Club athletes that participated in a spectacular weekend of training at Asessippi Ski Area. The weather was fabulous and the lines were short... so it was two days of intense training, including both Slalom and GS courses.
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Summit Athletes at 2009 Asessippi Holiday Camp

Summit Athletes Start 2009/2010 Season with
Holiday Camp at Asessippi!

(December 21, 2009) - A number of Summit athletes hit the slopes at the Asessippi Ski Area this past weekend for the Summit Ski Club Holiday Camp.
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The 2009 Summit Ski Club - MASS Athletes & Coaches

Summit Ski Club 2008/2009 Provincial Champions!

(March 16, 2009) - The Summit Ski Club took 1st Place Club in the Manitoba Alpine Ski Division, as the 2008/2009 ski season came to a close on the weekend. In a close race with the Winnipeg Alpine Racers, Summit secured the final points required to wrap up the win at the Provincial Finals races held at Asessippi...
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Nancy Greene Atheletes with Coaches and MASS Buddies

Nancy Greene Atheletes with Coaches and MASS Buddies

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The MASS Racers 2007-2008 Finals

The MASS Racers at 2007-2008 Season Finals

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