How to Wax & Tune

Begin Tuning

Once I have all my tools gathered, I begin the tuning process. To begin tuning I place the skis in the stand, and place the brake-restraining device on the ski brake. After the ski is in place, I feel the edge of my ski to see if it needs sharpening. One way of doing this, is to run your thumbnail along the edge of the ski. If the edge cuts your nail slightly it is sharp enough.

If my ski needs sharpening, the next step is to place the file on the file guide. When placing the file on file guide make sure the tail of the file is pointing to the back. Once the file is in place I begin to sharpen the edge of the ski. I run the felt marker along the edge and then proceed to apply even pressure along the edge with the file sharpening from tip to tail. After every time I make a pass with the file, I use the paintbrush to brush off the file, the guide, and the base of the ski.

Repeat the process until the edge cuts your nail.

After your ski is sharp enough, it is time to remove the burs that may have been formed. To do this, place the diamond stone on the file guide. Run the diamond stone from tip to tail until you feel that there are no burs on the edge.

The last step is to de-tune the tip and tail of the ski by running the gummy stone along a short portion of the edges at the tip and tail. Now that your skis are sharp they are ready for the wax.

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