How to Wax & Tune

Preparing to Wax

As with tuning, there are several tools that are needed to wax your skis. The tools include a stand, brake-restraining device, an iron, brass brush, base cleaner, wax, wax scraper, and a pot scrubber or nylon brush.

If you are using an ordinary clothes iron, you must ensure that the iron temperature is not set too high. If it is, the wax will smoke and this is not the ideal situation.

A brass brush is used to open up the pores in the base, which allows the wax to be absorbed by the ski. It can also clean out any metal filings that may have become embedded in the base from the tuning process.

Base cleaner is a spray that can be applied to the base of the ski. The base cleaner removes old wax and cleans any oils, grease, or dirt that may have been picked up on the base of the ski.

A pot scrubber is something that may not seem like it should be included in your waxing tools. The pot scrubber is very important for waxing your skis. The pot scrubber is used to buff or texture the base of the ski after waxing. To texture the ski, after the excess wax has been scraped off, run the nylon pot scrubber along the base from the tip to tail.

White areas on the base of the ski (usually along the edges) are a sign that the bases are drying out and need to be waxed. There is nothing wrong with waxing a ski that doesn't show the white areas, but for sure you don't want to ski very long on a ski with white areas on the base.

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