How to Wax & Tune

Wax Time

Once the ski edges have been sharpened, it is time to wax the bases. Place the ski in the stand with the brake-restraining device in place.

Plug in the iron to warm it up, watching that the iron doesn't begin to smoke. As the iron is heating, I use the brass brush to remove old wax and open up the pores in the base. When the base is dirty, or there is lots of old wax on the ski, I use the base cleaner. To use the base cleaner follow the instructions on the bottle. After I use the brass brush, I remove the wax particles with my hand or a soft cloth.

Once the iron is heated I can begin to apply the wax. It is important to choose a wax that is at the proper temperature for the conditions. Applying the wax is a very simple process, but if not done properly can damage your skis.

First hold the iron above the ski and touch the wax to the iron. Let little drops fall upon the ski. Make sure you allow the drops to fall evenly rather than grouped all together. A tip is to do one half of the ski at a time. This allows you to focus on a smaller surface area, and do a more effective job.

Once the drops are on the base of the ski it is time to spread them. Place the iron across the ski and move it back and forth. It is very important to keep the iron moving at all times. If you don't keep the iron moving, the heat could cause your base to bubble, which will cost a lot of money to repair.

There are a number of ways to tell if the wax job is finished. One way is you can tell by a shiny, almost water like substance on the ski. The substance is the melted wax. The second and more efficient way of telling of you are done waxing, is to feel the underside (top sheet side) of the ski. If the ski is warm to the touch, you are finished!

After the wax is spread out, repeat the process for the other half of the ski and the other ski.

Once your wax is spread on both skis, let the wax dry and cool. Trying to scrape the excess wax away before the base material has cooled may result in some of the base material being scraped away with the wax.

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