How to Wax & Tune


When your wax is dry and cool, you are ready to scrape the wax. To scrape the wax, take your wax scraper and hold it against the base. Apply pressure and scrape the wax from tip to tail. You will reach a point where no wax will be scraping off.

Next, you should remove the wax from the edges with the corner of the scraper.

Once you have finished scraping the excess wax of the base of the ski, it is time to texture or buff the base of the ski.

To texture the ski, run the pot scrubber along the base from the tip to the tail. This will texture the base, making the ski glide more effectively.

Once your skis are buffed it is time to strap them up and store them, or hit the slopes.

It is important to strap your skis together because when you travel, your skis might cross or scissor which will dull your edges that you have just spent valuable time sharpening.

It is also important to wax your skis at the end of the season before you store them. This will protect the bases during the off season.

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