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Innovation Incorporated
3017 6th Street S.W.
Calgary, Alberta Canada T2S 2M1
(403) 243-5441 is the supplier of a variety of high quality ski tuning tools, waxes and accessories.

Summit Ski Club members will get a discount of at least 10% off of the published website pricing. Also, freight charges are based on a percentage of the cost of the product invoiced, so freight will be reduced proportionately.

Summit Ski Club members should review the website for product selection and then call or email for exact "Summit Ski Club Pricing". Rick Weissenborn is our contact at Please contact him via e-mail or phone when you are ready to place an order, or if you have any questions. Tools4boards also offers a Skype contact for face-to-face conversations!

Rick has provided some suggestions regarding recommended tools for tuning.

View Rick's Recommendations here! (pdf)